Tips to Help You Become a Successful Comedy Writer

While many people want to become stand-up comedians or comedian actors, others want to become successful comedy writers. But, as you know, the most successful comedy writers had to work for their success and popularity. So, here are eight tips to help you become a successful comedy writer.

1.) Write everyday

It is really important that you polish your craft. So, write down at least one joke or idea a day. Even if the idea isn’t great, write it down. You never know when you are going to flip through your notebook, come across a small idea or joke, and finally have an idea of how you can elaborate on it. Also, if you can’t think of a joke or an idea for the day, simply write down the funniest part of your day or memory. Comedy writers often take ideas from their own lives, and incorporate it into their work.

2.) Watch as many comedy related things you can

You need to immerse yourself in the comedy world. For more about stand-up comedians, check out this website Watch stand-up performances and specials, television shows, and movies. Even listen to comedy albums. Also, read scripts and books written by famous comedy writers. This will help you identify which ideas are good and strong. Also, you may get an idea, for a new project, by watching, reading, and listening to everything comedy related.

3.) Take risks

Comedy writing did not evolve, to what it is today, by writers depicting the same (or similar) situations, with the same jokes. People took risks that could have failed incredibly. But, somewhere along the line a few people agreed and laughed at their idea, and then it became well known. In comedy writing, there isn’t the idea of being too much of something, or having too much of something. You can always exaggerate more, elaborate more, and make it funnier. So, don’t be afraid of doing something, just because no one has ever brought it to the table.

4.) Be patient

You cannot dream of becoming a comedy writer and expect to succeed in under five years. While that situation is ideal, it rarely happens. Good things happen within time. You need to let your craft and ideas develop. So, just because you haven’t landed a major writing job on a popular sitcom, or a successful late night talk show, doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Just take a deep breath, and be patient.

5.) Make connections

In order to become a well-known comedian writer, you have to have connections and credibility. No one becomes successful by staying in their room and hoping an opportunity finds them. So, go out and meet people in all aspects in the industry. You never know who the comedian cousin of the singer friend of your professional dancer friend knows, and how that person can help you advance in the industry.

6.) Market yourself

Today, people who are trying to make it in the industry have an advantage that people didn’t have before. Now, they have a way to market themselves for free. Create social media platforms where you market yourself. Write short comedy stories on Tumblr, post funny stories on Facebook, and write hilarious tweets on Twitter. Social media can be used to help you gain popularity.

7.) Take a course

If you really find yourself in a rut, take a comedy writing course. There are courses available online and in-class. These courses will teach you actual comedy writing fundamentals, and how to perfect your craft.

8.) Pursue every opportunity

Finally, pursue every opportunity, no matter how small it may seem. Even if you are offered the position as the intern for a part-time writer on a low budget television show or movie, take it. You never know the connections you will create, and the experience you will get. Who knows, a couple of years ahead, that part-time writer you interned for could have an idea for a blockbuster movie, and may want you to co-write it with them.