Tennis for Beginners: Learn to Play Tennis

Tennis is both a great way to get in shape and an excellent way to socialise. With tennis clubs all over the world overflowing with members, it’s easy to see that tennis is one of the worlds most well-loved sports. But if you’ve never played before, it can seem like a difficult thing to get into, how do you start? How do you look the part and most importantly, how do you actually play?

Firstly, you need somewhere to play. There are free courts everywhere, you just need to find one local to you and grab a partner. If you don’t have a partner or you want to get into the whole atmosphere of playing tennis, you can join a tennis club. With annual or monthly memberships, some tennis clubs offer an initial free session to check out the benefits of the club. Once you have a place to play, you can start by watching others and see how they play, get to grips with the rules and see how the players interact with each other on the court. Watching is a great way to learn and both of these options allow you to do this fairly easily.

Once you have your court sorted, the next thing you should consider is your outfit and your gear.

tennis racketsTennis rackets ( how to choose a tennis racket – are a given, with tennis balls if the tennis club doesn’t already provide them. As you’re starting out, ask someone to assess the racket handle for you so you can choose one that’s suitable for your body size. Although there’s no specific uniform for playing tennis, sport wear is a given. Whatever you choose to wear, it should be suitable for the weather and allow you to move easily so you can run around the court.

Tennis shoes are imperative to playing tennis, as they allow your feet to move around the court with ease. Selecting a good-quality, sturdy pair of tennis shoes should be one of the first things ( see here – ) you do when looking for your tennis gear, as they can improve your performance and comfort greatly.

So you’ve sorted your outfit and your court and you’re in position with your racket ready to start, you need to know how to actually play. You can try to start with basic backhand and forehand shots between your partner and yourself to get a rally going. Your movements should be smooth and your wrist should be kept flexible as your racket comes into contact with the ball. If you’re gripping the handle too tightly, as the ball hits your racket, it can cause some vibration which can effectively damage your wrist.

Make sure to focus on your technique as you rally the ball backwards and forwards. If you’re finding the distance difficult to hit the ball, move towards the net slightly, but not too close, and try again. This should make rallying easier and if you both aim towards each other, you can focus on hitting the ball using the right techniques rather than spending your time running around the court. Once you’ve got that down, you can focus on your serving and more advanced movements around the entire court. If you follow the steps in this article, you’ll be a professional in no time.