The welcome talk proposed between the two former lady Prime Ministers of Bangladesh, shied away for decades from each other, sitting across a table, if at all held, is not that easy to go by smoothly as some are talking about that could be.
The first boggling issue is that the sharp difference between the two celebrities is nothing personal. The gap is contrarily not only very much critical but also irreconcilable. One’s birth and survival is another’s fear for liquidation. One was born when the other died in the aftermath of the mid 1975 revolutionary changes of political power of the State of Bangladesh, and all those mattered for the changes, particularly of the 15th August 1975 revolution born in the successful army coup d’etat. The BNP would not have been born had there been no 15th August occurrence for the 7th November army-people popular uprising that ultimately gave birth to the BNP only as a run of events following the 15th August. Possibly as the obvious alternative, the freedom loving people of Bangladesh would have still today enjoy the unpalatable bitter taste of another Fidel Castro here at best likely to be replaced by a junior Castro!
The second point derives from the first issue in that though both were drawn into politics to lead the two big parties from being housewives primarily as accidents of history, one inherited the multi-party democratic legacy out of the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of the Republic fully legalizing not only the 15th August change but also replacing the Secularism of the earlier BAKSAL to Islamic goal, and further bringing to a happy end of the other who happened to be attitudinally fascists that the people very painfully bore for five years in the recent past during 1996-2001, that further fortunately was brought to the other happy end in the 2001 October poll. The alternative would have likely been pre-1975 BAKSAL syndrome once again for reprisal killings like of Seraj Sikder, ‘ten for one’, etc.!
None in right sense must expect these basic differences wither away by a soft touch of the Aladin’s magic lamp sitting face to face right across the table. It is thus only reasonable to expect that there is no point to go wild in exuberance of high pitch emotion but may first fix up pre-agreed agenda for the proposed talk. The only agenda should be to ensure full participation for restoration of democratic government through the 18th December poll in full accompaniment of democratic norms free from muscle power and misuse of black money with open public pledge from both for full adherence to democratic norms and culture in their each and every day post election postures.