The country’s telecom watchdog has formally invited applications from eligible entrepreneurs for license to establish call centres.

Any individual or enterprise, both local and foreign, can apply for establishing call centre, either individually or in joint venture, with a payment of Tk 5, 000 in favor of Bangladesh Telecommunicationand Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

BTRC officials said the commission has not set any deadline for submitting application.

The BTRC has restricted foreign equity to a maximum of 45 percent in case of joint venture Call Centre projects.

A call centre is an office where a company’s inbound calls are received, or outbound calls are made. Call centres have become increasingly popular in a world, where many companies have centralized their customer support functions.

India earns around US$10 billion per year by conducting call centre outsourcing business.

“The telecom sector can be a major source of foreign currency earning. It can create employment opportunities, as there is a potentially big market for call centres in our country,” said Manzurul Alam, chairman of BTRC, at a meeting on call centre recently.

Some 3,000 interested individuals attended a ‘public hearing’, organized by BTRC last month on call centre, and expressed their interest to set up call centres in Bangladesh, BTRC sources said.

The proposed call centres will not only receive subscribers’ calls, it will also provide data and information processing services.